About Halo Energy



Halo Energy is using its proprietary shroud technology to build the world's most efficient small-scale wind turbines.


Small wind struggles as a viable energy category because most small-scale wind turbines are inefficient compared to conventional energy sources or even larger wind turbines.

We are going to change that narrative.

Because of higher tip losses relative to rotor size, conventional open-bladed wind turbines become increasingly inefficient the smaller they get.  Not so with Halo's shrouded wind turbines.  Ours maintain constant efficiency across rotor diameters enabling them to achieve a power coefficient (Cp) that is unmatched among any comparably-sized turbines.  As a result, our wind turbines have best-in-class performance and the lowest achievable cost of electricity.

Halo's 6kW wind turbine can be used in a broad range of on-site generation applications. But its compact size and high electrical output makes it uniquely suited for installation on telecommunications towers, offshore oil & gas platforms, and mobile power facilities that all rely heavily on diesel generators as their primary or backup power source.  By deploying the Halo turbine to offset the consumption of diesel fuel (or in some instances eliminate the need for a diesel generator entirely), facility owners will lower their opex by reducing the cost of electricity and the many logistical challenges of diesel transport and refueling.